Scientifically plan water source protection scheme to ensure long-term stability of water resources and quality

Water source location survey and positioning


Planning of water source sanitary protection area

Strictly protect areas, restricted areas and inspection areas.

Strict protection zone: within the radius of 15m around the mineral spring, water source protection buildings shall be built. Irrelevant personnel are not allowed to enter, and other objects unrelated to the water intake equipment are not allowed to be placed.

Restricted area: no residential area, toilet, soakaway pit, garbage, waste residue or sewage pipe shall be set within a range of not less than 30m around the mineral water source and production area. And no activities shall be allowed to damage the hydrogeological conditions of the water source.

Inspection area: within the range of about 600m upstream and 100-300m downstream of the mineral water source, it is prohibited to build dump sites for urban garbage, feces and soluble, toxic and harmful wastes. Activities that damage the hydrogeological conditions of the water source are not allowed to protect the ecological environment.



Wellhead protection configuration


Wellhead equipment: respirator, flow monitoring, well depth liquid level monitoring, automatic water intake control, control system, CIP dosing port, CIP return pipe sampling port, etc.

The deep well pump must be equipped with double well rope protection and inspection method.

The newly opened well head must be equipped with a local drain