Facing the needs of every customer, the company will achieve our commitment with accurate data design, strict quality control equipment manufacturing, fast and professional installation and debugging, and thoughtful and timely after-sales service!

Warranty period

  • The warranty period of main control and regulation equipment of pump and tank is 2 years
  • Mechanical warranty period of other equipment is 1 year (calculated after normal use of equipment)
  • During the warranty period, if the equipment is damaged under normal operation, the Supplier shall calculate
  • During the warranty period, if the equipment is damaged artificially by the Demander under normal operation, the Demander shall be responsible for it

On site installation technical support and response

  • 12 hour telephone technical response
  • One service engineer shall be stationed to provide on-site shift operation service for 2 weeks
  • Urgent spare parts shall be delivered to the site within 2 days
  • On site installation services (construction billboard, project schedule, construction sample)

Technology provision

Pre sales service content

Provision of technical documents
—  Process Flow Diagram
—  Layout plan

After sales service content

—  System Operation Manual
—  Circuit diagram of electric control system

Training on product quality management measures

—  Microbial control and detection methods
—  Method of drug use
—  System maintenance
—  Targeted comprehensive and systematic training